Vapour Processing System

Machine which collects flame of oil and gas based on Patent #1121 issued by Minister of Science and Technology of Vietnam on Jan. 10th 2006




-    Reduce pollution, protect labor health.

-    Lower flammable capability in gas and oil warehouse.

-    Collect 80% flame of oil and gas discharged into environment.

-    Power of equipment: 50 – 500m3/hour

-    Electricity power: the same as power of equipment.




1. Process, transport, install and direct operation, road and acceptance test.

2. Test safety.

3. Pay for patent cost.

4. Obey security regulations of State, local authority at construction areas, ensure safety of vehicles, people and other assets, protect environment, strengthen labor and fire safety.

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Machine which collects flame of oil and gas which is used in gas warehouse is able to collect and convert gas and oil during the import, export, storage, delivery process into superior petrol preferred in the market.



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Clean the environment around warehouses and collect petroleum vapor, bringing highly economic efficiency for users and lower the risk of fire and pollution.
Being successfully applied at petroleum storage of Army in 2008.



Petroleum vapor recovery system has been awarded an exclusive patent by the Ministry of Science and Technology.