Dragon bridge sprinkler

Engineer Phan Dinh Phuong, General Director of Green An Sinh company, is the intellectual owner of the project "Sprinkler systems installation on Dragon Bridge", saidthe project required high technique that water currents would be sprayed into powerful and beautiful steam flows, reflecting the aspirations of Danang.



After being appointed for the Dragon Bridge project, the engineer have researched, designed and organized the installation of plumbing pipes from the local aquatic flowing into 50m3 tank. In this tank, the gas is compressed with water in the compressor, with 325m3 of the capacity of compressed air and 20m3 of the capacity of water. Water and gas flowsrun inside the piers and separators, then flow into pneumatic control cabinets before running through the Dragon demonstration under the neck. After that, the flows run up sprinkler at the Dragon mouth.

According him, using the ideal gas law of nature could turn 1m3 of water into 1.300m3 of steam. He designed a water tank with the capacity of 20m3 and 325m3 of compressed air capacity, which turned out tens of thousands of cubic meters of gas mixed with water sprayingwith the flow rate of 1,944 l/s. That creates beauty, proportion of the scale of the longest,heaviest,largest steel dragonin the world.

"After 15 years of research, my colleagues and I invented the water vapor injection technology at room temperature with 3 considerable advantages: easy operation, safety and low cost, and wished to create the magnificent steam flows so as to make the bridge more alive on the Han River ", he said.

Engineer Phan Dinh Phuong also said that in the near future, he would recommend to perform many new spray, which are more creative and consistent with the theme of music every night to increase the attractiveness for viewers. However, sprinkler mode of dragonis operated as now because of cost savings.

Many people would be surprised to know the cost for a night Dragon Fountain (1 spray in 3 minutes) only costs about 200-250 thousand dong according to current prices. He explains that an injection (3 minutes) consumes 40kWh 20m3 of water and 40kWh ofelectricity. Therefore, according to current water and electricity prices, the cost would be less than 250,000 dong.