Automotive fire fighting machine

An Sinh Company introduces

firefighting techniques, water, power, wind, air supply machines, wifi connection, camera, mobile in cases – Vietnamese standard 7884:2008


I. Features and application

An Sinh Machines are able to discover and put out fire, supply water, air, wind, power, connect camera, internet, wifi, mobile in every case. Electricity, diesel engine, pumps, petrol, battery, etc are not used, which don’t cause electric shock or fire. Machines are possible to protect people and high buildings, oil filter zones, chemicals, drilling rigs, ships, submarines, airports, power plants, transformers etc. supply endlessly voltage in terms of height, length and width.


An Sinh machinespush water regularly or periodically, generate electricity, connect wifi, camera, mobile.


There are different kinds of machines: the fixed, the firetruck installation, the towed vehicles and laptops.

 II.  Structure, operating principles and updated features

  1. Cấu tạo: Structure: Machines include fire-fighting substances (N2, CO2, bọt, nước...) and fire detectors, which can discover proactivelyand spray appropriate substances as soon as it arises.

 2. Operating principles: Fire-fighting substances break out in mixtures, causing isolation effect, cooling, stuffing, inhibiting fire reaction to put out the flame rapidly.


  * t can be floated to withstand earthquakes * Portable machines using LPG to fight fire..


 Protect 220-500KV substation, United Petroleum Chemical Industry.

 3. Unique feature: It can spray with a faucet or series of faucets simultaneously to put out thousands of great fire or riot without any modification on the device.


220KV transformer - EVN - before and after machines spray steam/CO2 over.

 4. Performance: 1m3 CO2 is enough to push 100m3 of water up or push 100m3 50m water/foam up to hundreds of meters and spray tens of thousands of cubic meters of water vapor and CO2.

5. Flow, pressure, time to push the water: fit ISO, NFPA, BS, AS etc. ...

6. Activation time: No more than 3 seconds (when using the pump: If you start late 180s, a fire broke out violently which still fits ISO 2622).

7. Scope of protection: raised and underground projectsfight for neighborhood.


  * Reliable hydraulic and pneumatic control systems eject water for many kilometers away with hundreds of m3/h


  Fire department witnessesmachines which can valvegas tanks,release LPG into the sky to let the flameoff and spray tens of thousands of cubic meters of water vapor/CO2that can fill two2.200m3tanks.

 Spray N2 to protect people, if necessary, O2 and water will be added. When burning LPG: Use valved gas and discharge gas to pull down the fire. Using gas proactively to run smoke-consuming fans and fresh air supply fansto save people. Using gas to run dynamos for camera which records fire progression, escape situation, announcement, internet, wifi, mobile, laptop, the landlord and fire police officers in order to help the investigating agency find the cause of the fire.


Head of Fire Department, Do Van Son, worked with the company, surveyed multi-functional features, spray fire-fighting substances and "double An Sinh hose" quietly, quickly put out the fire and don’t make property and computer get wet.


 * Deputy Minister of Science and Technology - Nguyen Quan, Ngo Dang Nhan - General Director for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Agency, French Nuclear Safety Advisor- Tran Dai Phuc, consider the possibility of rescuing nuclear problemsof An Sinh machines.

It is extremely interesting: CO2 dissolves in water to create foam (like beer) can easily turn into vapour/ CO2putting down fire so fast. Moreover, it can reduce the amount of water in storage tank by 6-10 times. The pipe diameters also drop by 30-50% compared to the pump. Furthermore, the costs decrease and safety for work increases.

Note: Refined water from the machinesare carbonated drinks, which makes commercial value increaseby a thousand times compared to water. As a result, the investors can not only return their own capitalbut also gain large profits.

 II. Level of An Sinh machines

An Sinh machines received direct considerations, comments and approval from Fire Department and Ministry of Public Security.

Chuyên gia Bộ KHCN, Bộ Xây dựng, Bộ Quốc phòng, Đại học PCCC, Bách khoa, Công an PCCC các Tỉnh Thành phố tận tâm giúp đỡ hoàn thiện, trở thành sản phẩm Trí tuệ Việt Nam.

Experts from Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Construction, Ministry of National Defense, Fire Protection University, Technology University, Fire Police Officers in provinces and cities dedicated to perfect machines so as to make them become Vietnamese Intelligence products. National and international brave investors have pioneered and developed applications.

Both Vietnam and the United States granted many patents.

Being built into the Vietnamese Fire ProtectionStandard7884:2008 .


 Many economic groups in Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, etc. was excited to use machines.

An Sinh was awarded the Gold Cup, Diploma and other precious awards.

Được Hiệp Hội PCCC NFPA và Viện Tiêu chuẩn Quốc gia Hoa Kỳ ANSI kết nạp Hội viên.

Becoming a membership of Fire ProtectionAssociation and American National Standards Institute. An Sinh has the right to participate in and vote in American Fire Protection Standards.

However, the highest level of AN SINH machines is fast extinguishment and safety for people and property.

Outstanding: GREEN AN SINH company is willing to cooperate with the investor, responsible for ensuring stable operation of machines throughout the project life.


Officials of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), UL, United States Embassy,Fire Departmentand Green An Sinh Company at International Fire Protection Conference.