An Sinh Group is trading as a combination of two small companies: An Sinh Co., Ltd and An Sinh Xanh JVT. We are specialized in researching and inventing equipments of safety, environment and energy save. An Sinh Group was also known as a passion member of machine designers of natural energy resource, which help the customers save their money.

An Sinh’ s machines operate as unique creatures, bring high economy efficiency and interesting technical features to your branch name, and specially the An Sinh machines are the “only one” machines in market with Patent Rights.

The first garbage-dust collector in the world was developed in advanced by An Sinh, following the aerodynamic principles. Bring the aircraft manufacturing principle into the garbage-dust collector operating has made the machines become the fastest one in suctioning not only dust, rubbish when sunny but also mud when rainy. The machine was equipped only with HONDA 110-500cc or 35PH engine but the suction capacity got 10-20m2/s and carried out the work faster than 20-30 workers. It was very useful in collecting dust, rubbish at big industrial zones, farms, and plants, small streets and alleys.

With the brushing speed of 15-20km/h, the cost for cleaning and energy using of 1m2 is triple lower than the machine of oversea branch name and five lower than hand doing. The Machine has been awarded the Vietnam Techmart Gold Cup and given exclusive Patent on May 25th 2009 by The Ministry of Science and Technology.

The new generation fire fighting machine developed by An Sinh is very fast and powerful. The machine was operated itself by stored energy available of fire gases, so not need to provide the traditional energy resources such as electricity, engine, pump, diesel or battery, thus when using An Sinh machines, the risks of fire due to power or petroleum, noise and panic will be excluded. The Machine was helped to develop to a perfect one by the Five Fighting Department of Vietnam Police Ministry, Provincial Fire Fighting Police, the Union of Vietnam Science and Technology and Da Nang People Committee. The design of machine was reviewed, approved and tested on 3 constructions by The Vietnam Fire fighting Department. This is the new generation fire fighting machine with prominent advantages, luckily and honor. It has been built into the Vietnamese national Standard as TCVN7884:2008 and announced on August 29th 2008 by The Ministry of Science and Technology. This standard is extremely beneficial for users as specified active time of the machine is not exceed 5 seconds, spray extinguishing appropriate when a fire arises, protect people and assets from damage caused by fire. Speed of the machine is 35 times faster than definite standard of TCVN2622:1995 born 16 years ago. The uniqueness is the machine equipped with smoke exhaust and fresh air fans for escaped people also generator providing energy for exit light, camera, wireless system to help the owners and fire fighting police to be guided in recue work. The Machine has been given exclusive Patent by both Viet Nam and the United State.

After 15 years of hard study, advantage qualities have been developed to Vietnam fire fighting machines by An Sinh Group. Now, even the second grade pupil or a reporter girl can hold the “An Sinh twin hose reel” to extinguish a fire. On September 9th 2011, the Fire Fighting Department of Police Ministry has signed an official letter numbered 1158/PCCC&CNCH-TT to send to Provincial Fire Fighting Police for guiding to apply the TCVN7884:2008.

Our extremely interesting and proud is based on An Sinh’s proposal and Management Board of Nuclear Power Project’s support, the Ministry of Science and Technology has signed an official letter numbered 3615/QD-BKHCN to assign Viet Nam Atomic Energy Institute to study of using An Sinh machine for pushing water to recue accident of the first nuclear reactor of Viet Nam.

An Sinh Group is very successful in producing dozens of machines of many fields, they have been used by famous business such as PETRONAS, PETROLIMEX, PETRO VIETNAM, TOTAL GAS, ELFGAS, SAIGONPETRO, COSEVCO,THACH BICH, SAPUWA. The An Sinh ’s cylinder washing machine has just been exported to India Petro Group. The An Sinh ‘s fire fighting machine has been agreed to use by Japanese group such as MORITO, INOUS,AMAGASAKI, FUKUI, YURI…

Our slogan “ An Sinh do not sell machines, An Sinh sell ourselves, I want An Sinh, I chose An Sinhs” is the main creative motivate of An Sinh staff.

Green An Sinh Joint Venture Company was established on October 10th 2009 based on 51 percent share of capital contribution of four exclusive Patents of An Sinh Company Limited. On November 11st 2009, the Department of Science and Technology of Da Nang has signed an official letter to recognize Green An Sinh JVT as the first business of science and technology in Da Nang. In November 2009, Green An Sinh JVT had joined the America National Standard Institute and the USA National Fire Protection Association as an official member, having the right to comment and vote on adjustment of Fire Protection Standard of America.

Warmly welcome to An Sinh for cooperation to put into use of machines, mass production or technology transfer aimed to a happy development and creative.